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Read more...Saturday saw 32 members of the Forrest mountain bike club take to the trails at Anglesea's, Eumarella Park for one of regions biggest annual mountain bike events, the Surfcoast six hour, which was tackled by 460 riders.

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When the idea of a family fun day was first mooted at a Forrest MTB & Cycling club meeting, there were more than a few "naysayers". Perhaps it would be too much work, and would anyone turn up?  Well all those people, including myself have been made to eat our words!

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There are a number of Forrest MTB & Cycling club members competing in this weekends Scott 24 hour at Mt Stromlo Canberra.

Amoungst them is Jess Douglas who is also the reigning female champ of the event and the current Australian female 24 hour solo champion.

You can follow the updates of the race on the right side of the site here.


Resident Coach & Endurance MTB Rider, Jess Douglas was recently successful in recieving a grant from the Australian Sports Commission for Women In Sport Leadership.
Jess proposed to grow the female participation in Mountain Biking in general and to also link these women to Forrest MTB & Cycling Club.

Forrest MTB & Cycling...

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Read more...The last Saturday Slog in the series was such a fun day for me personally.

The first race I found myself in the leading group and we all ended up somehow getting lost! "Which way?" "Does anyone know where to go?" What a crack up!
Mental note, must listen to Norm at start of race from now on!

Then Adam Kelsall blew me away on the last lap. Somehow I managed to catch him before the end and we had a ding dong battle all the way to the finish line.
How fun was...

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