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Otway 300

The team who've brought you the Forrest 6 hour, the Forrest Festival and Chase the Dog mountain bike events, have just announced a new event, called "The Otway 300" or O300 for short.

Well known Forrest rider Jess Douglas has been the brains behind this event saying that "I want to show people the other side of the Otways".

Different to most other events in Forrest which concentrate on the single track, the Otway 300 will primarily focus on the diverse nature of the many and varied back roads, 4WD tracks and fire roads of the Otways, including sections of the Great Ocean Road.

This event has been well supported by local council and land managers as they see this as yet another reason for people to come visit our little part of the world.

Want to find out more?  Visit to see what the Otway 300 is all about