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Jeff bought his first MTB in 1997 to keep fit for rock climbing.  He mainly rode fire trails for the first 12 months.  Newcombe Spur was my favourite climb and downhill until I went over a water hump and broke my back landing.  John Jacoby found the same hump.  After that I thought I had better start building some safer tracks.

Vista was my first track.  Jess (German Sheppard #1) and I would head out walking & pick the best roo trail and just link them all up.  On the way back Jess would follow the route I chose  and that was it.  Sadly Jess passed away just after Vista was finished.

I kept building a few trails on my own but it wasn't the same without Jess.  12 months later along came Geena (German Sheppard #2).  After her brief apprenticeship the trails began to flow again.  Marriners Run, Yo Yo, Fox Tail, to link Marriners to Yo Yo and now look what we have.

My dreams were for other popel to share my well kept secret... who says dreams don't come true?
A big thank you to my two children Katherine and Jonathon, Jess and Geena.

Also I would like to thank David Rourke (DSE) for his belief in the trails and Glen Jacobs design work.  Most of all Adrian Marriner for his ability to build trails with his little magic machine.